The Digital Weenie Volume 01

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  • The Digital Weenie Volume 01
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(4.8 / 6 Reviews)
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Ebook 1001 Greatest One-Liners Volume 01 
Greatest Stuff For Radio Peronalities, Comedy Writers 
And Stand-Up Comedians!

More than 1001 One-liners and Jokes from the radio broadcaster's and standup comedian's archives!

$37,-   (=€33.16 (euro)) 

Try these:

*** Until I met her my life was empty. Now it's my wallet!
*** Dad wanted to know why i couldn't be like the other kids and run away from home!
***New test for Weight Watchers. Jump up in the air and come down hard. Wait 30 secs. If parts of your body are still moving, stay on that diet!

***Too much coffee can cause coronary problems.
But at least you won't die in your sleep!

***My dad. Everytime I look in the mirror I can see him.
Wish he'd get his own apartment!


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Reviews (6)
rating 5 (4.8 / 6 Reviews)

Remona D. from Vegas (18-09-2016) rating 5 Sssssssssssst don't tell anyone about this website..

Kelly O'Neal (26-01-2014) rating 5 Luvvvvvvvvv it! LOL

Fabian W (01-10-2013) rating 5 #LOL Great book for inspiration!!!

Connor (27-09-2013) rating 4 Just bought this ebook and i think it's great for gettin inspiration and great laughs.

Robert "Tiable" (26-09-2013) rating 5 Lufffff it! Can't wait to get more of this. :)

Debby A. (24-09-2013) rating 5 Really great stuff! Thxxxx!

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